Peter and Stephan (Preview)

Oh boy, some of you are going to nail my ass for this one, but let me tell you the story. I saw Stephane on a social networking site and was totally enamored by his youthful looks, tattoos and big fat curved cock, so I hopped on a plane from Sao Paulo to Rio. Stephane and I immediately clicked (he even spent the night curled up in my hairy chest). We were so comfortable that our plan to choose a scene partner for him by going to a sauna fell apart and instead he put a call into an agency to find a scene partner for him. So when we pulled up and Peter came out I was a bit shocked. So much so I demanded to see his ID. The funny thing is that both Peter and Stephane are very young and have yet to be jaded by what could be a tough life in Brazil. So when I put them together they acted like young kids having rabbit sex! I too am not jaded enough to see when two young guys, one, that may not be my type, can go at it and have fun with it like these two young guys did with the fun chemistry they had between each other. Dont get me wrong, that Stephane is a little devil that is quite proud of what falls between his legs! -Collin O’Neal


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