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Title: Darkroom – Falcon Studios / Mustang
Cast: Alessio Romero, Derrek Diamond, Draven Torres, Johnny Gunn, Roman Wright, Samuel Colt, Sean Everett, Tom Wolfe, Tristan Jaxx, Tyler Saint

See what develops in the Darkroom, where sexual fear easily becomes a motivating force. The chambers of a dark heart can house the feverish fantasies of a wicked imagination. Anything and anyone is fair game in this naughty and voyeuristic culture. And it can all be captured and recorded just as desired in any photograph, imagined or real.


Title: Extreme – PrimePork Productions / Dark Alley Media
Cast: Bastian, bob, FF Angel, Jo Tey, Lewis Quintin

In Extreme we see Bob and 5 other good-looking men open the Primepork Classic-series with dazzling action.


Title: Bareback Muscle Mania – Jake Crusie Media
Cast: Brenden Cage, David Taylor, Jake Cruise, Tristan Baldwin, Unknown Soldier

I love muscles. I like the firmness when my hands touch them. I thrill every time I feel them bulge and tighten. I’m in ecstasy when I’m getting plowed by a muscular man. But when I take my turn and top a ripped stud like Tristan Baldwin, well, I’m in heaven. Come watch me play with my muscle bound friends.


Title: Bareback Twink Sluts – Eurocreme / Twinkz
Cast: Alan Capier, Andrew Shut, Dave Disel, John Magiaty, Julien Breeze, Paul Bruckmann, Rasty Shut, Simon Clay, Thomas Dyk, Tom Reed

From the legendary Thomas Dyk banging the living daylights out of the gorgeous Ben Wild, right through to a fabulous jerk-off session courtesy of the divine Julian Breeze, this group of hot, rampant twinks prove (once again) that when it cums to being bareback sluts, Czech lads really take some beatings…


Title: Double Time 2 – Active Duty
Cast: Cash (Dirty Bird Pictures), Chaz (Dirty Bird Pictures), D.J. (Dirty Bird Pictures), Dorian (Active Duty), Gage (Dirty Bird Pictures), Randy

Dorian’s the epitome of the USMC recruiting poster. He is teamed him up with the blonde, wild boy Chaz. You’re gonna flip your lid when you see Dorian cum while he’s riding Chaz’s hammerhead. Cash finally crosses the line a little further and sucks a cock for the first time and what a cock it is…

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