Tony Buff, Director of Fetish Production for Raging Stallion

Tony Buff, Director of Fetish Production for Raging Stallion

So, it’s a small world after all. Did you know Tony Buff lives in Seattle? He does. Funny thing is I came across him on Grindr yesterday and chatted with him about my blog and his new gig directing fetish films for Raging Stallion/Falcon, which I found cool so far as Raging Stallion is one of my favorite studios to post. (I’m not a big fetish guy. Er, or, does burly, uncut men mock raping each other count as a fetish?)
… later yesterday I decided to buy a new bottle of gun oil and while at the fuckshop I looked down and saw a box for the Tony Buff dildo, which I took a photo of and sent to him. He responded with a photo taken of him while he was making the mold for his dildo.
I had to ask, “Have you ever used your own dildo on yourself?”
His response?
“Of course! It’s the perfect size!”
Lack of modesty aside, I found that pretty cool. Truth be told, if I had a dildo made of my dick I’d stick it up my ass, too.

So, today I was deciding if I had the time and energy to catch up on some posts and the first thing I see at the Raging Stallion Blog is the press release for Mr. Buff’s new deal. (Sidenote- if Tony Buff was clamping your nipples and pissing on you, would you call him Tony or Mr. Buff? Somehow the latter seems kinkier). Here is the post:

San Francisco, CA January 13, 2011. In a move that is sure to shift the focus of attention in the market for extreme fetish content, Raging Stallion Studios has tapped performer and director Tony Buff to helm Fetish Force, the studio’s production line and VOD distribution point for BDSM and fetish content. Raging Stallion Studios, which since its merger with Falcon Studios last month, became the world’s largest producer of gay male erotica, further solidifies its standing in the fetish genre with the addition of Tony Buff.

Buff, whose work has earned him multiple award nominations and recognitions including Performer of the Year honors at last year’s Grabbys, will serve as the principal director of Raging Stallion’s internet based studio for hardcore fetish and BDSM content. “We’ve had our eyes on Buff for years,” said Falcon / Raging Stallion President Chris Ward. “The man has a wicked skill set and a mastery of BDSM that is unsurpassed by anyone performing in the industry today. His ability to read people and drive a scene to climax, whether in a dungeon or on set, is both real and intense. Whether in front of the camera or behind it, he creates scenes that resonate with true players who understand the power of BDSM or ache to indulge their fetish. Buff is the ideal candidate to lead our FetishForce production line and a welcome addition to Raging Stallion’s team of directors.”

Buff will also manage the website and online community for the GunzBlazing affiliate program as part of the deal reached in mid-November. “Tony Buff isn’t just a performer and director” said Brian Randall of GunzBlazing, “He’s an activist, educator and leader in the kink community. This agreement doesn’t just bring Buff’s talents to FetishForce, it elevates our credibility within the players’ community and gives Buff the platform necessary to create and distribute his own hardcore fetish and educational content. It’s a total ‘score’ for everyone.”

“When I started in the industry a little over three years ago, I never would have imagined I would be given such an amazing opportunity to serve my community,” said Buff, when reached for comment. “My heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who has mentored my development, supported my efforts or shared themselves with me in play or on screen. I also want to thank Raging Stallion Studios and GunzBlazing for providing these exciting prospects. I look forward to working with the stable of talent at Raging Stallion to continue bringing edgy yet responsible BDSM play to the screen and with GunzBlazing to make that play more accessible.”

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