Phillip Aubrey Puts Spencer Reed in Hospital

Spencer Reed and Phillip Aubrey

Well… I rose from a Lunesta fog this Sunday morning, I woke up the way I often do while still groggy. I reached for my cell on the nightstand and checked email, read some news, the activity on my sites and when I still didn’t feel quite awake enough to get out of bed I checked twitter.

I keep two twitter accounts on my phone, a personal twitter and my porn twitter. The latter I rarely read. Porn star tweets tend to ruin them for me.

I hadn’t planned to make a blog post this morning, but I came across some fairly juicy tweets about porn stars who had a much more eventful night than I did. If you are to believe what you read on twitter, sometime between last night and this morning, Phillip Aubrey went into a drunken rage and cut his Herculean real-life boyfriend, Spencer Reed, open and sent him to the hospital for 27 stitches.

Spencer Reed twitter headerSpencer Reed tweets about attack by Phillip Aubrey

It appears within 4 hours on twitter, they went from “yay” to “aaaarrrgh!” Everybody with me now: What the fuck? Part of me follows that with, why the fuck (do I give a fuck)? Another part of me still finds it, if nothing else, newsworthy. I guess the only way to know for sure is to wait for the next scene Spencer Reed films after today and look for a giant scar on his arm while he fucks some gentler, unarmed guy. I dunno about you, but I always thought Phillip Aubrey was fairly Gollum-looking anyway, and that Spencer could do better. lol

Here they are in happier times:

Spencer Reed Pounds Phillip Aubrey

Sidenote- funny thing about this scene: it is titled “Spencer Pounds Phillip.” “Phillip Assaults Spencer” is wayyyyy too backroom dungeon sounding. The last thing I read about this couple, Spencer said they would definitely marry someday. Ouch!

Happy Sunday! :)


Spencer Reed hospitalization twitter reactions

Update 9:40 AM:

spencer reed update

Um yeah….a little too late for that.

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  1. Anonymous August 26, 2012, 3:32 AM

    I cried just reading that omg… :’(


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