Chad Holton Fucks Patrick Dunn

Patrick Dunn

Have you seen Patrick Dunn lately. He’s gone from the sweet blond boy next door to a rugged bearded sexual beast and we can’t get enough of him. Chad Hollon, who is always so hot with his smooth college jock body and handsome features, couldn’t get over Patrick’s new look. They were getting all ready to shoot when Patrick surprised everyone and asked to bottom. Since it was his first time we decided to take it slow and have Chad get his cherry ready with some toys. But not before he got in there with his tongue and gave him one fuck of a rim job. Patrick almost shot his load from all the anal stimulation and so we were ready to move on to the big guns. -RANDY BLUE


Patirck Dunn sucks Chad Hollons dick

Chad Hollon sucks Patrick Dunn's dick

Chad Holton sticks a vibrator up Patrick Dunns ass

Chad Hollon fucks Patrick Dunn

Chad Holton fucks Patrick Dunn

While we’re talking Randy Blue, here’s a cute new bottom they introduced today:

Anthony Cage

Anthony Cage

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